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Arteles Projects - Hämeenkyrö, Finland, 2018
Haystack 1february 2018

Haystack - a fragile piece -

A centuries old structure in which the hay is bound together with string

The haystack destined for Momo for the exhibition opening13 February had to be transported from Hermanus to Cape Town

The heat , the dryness and the fragility of the structure convey the meaning of what it is to be impermanent .

So the installation piece with its cut out cobbed interior will not be physically exhibited - as the structure broke and the hay is now scattered overprotecting plants from the scorched earth .

The. Impermanence of this temporary home echoes the hollowness of so many whose structures no longer exist - burnt , destroyed by others

Man of good hope - Johhnny Steinberg s biography of the journey of a Somalian thru many destoyed homes / businesses in South Africa

The empty space this non physical piece holds is a reminder of the fragility / possibility for hope -

Next time the haystack might make it ......