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Letting Go: Geyser Bowl Sculptures

A collection of works from RE-TURN exhibition.


This series of outdoor/ indoor sculptures is crafted using discarded copper geyser bowls. The full life cycle of the object is recorded on its surface – from highly polished material used in technology that is meant to bring comfort and warmth into our homes to signs of oxidation and decay. These surface marks bring the material back to its unworked state revealing the passage of time and the power of nature to take over the debris of our material world. Placed within the natural environment they lose their utilitarian function completely and serve as relics of the lost human world. Tracing the lines cut into the surface of the copper the viewer is taken on a journey back in time and asked to consider the cost of the technological progress that leads to depletion of the natural resources and threatens our existence. The copper bowls hold the echoes of the lost worlds of water in their rigid embrace reminding us of the preciousness of this element we used to take for granted. This sculpture series is a meditation on how letting go of the extraction mentality may bring us closer to a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

Letting Go (I-VI), 2022,

Plasma cut copper geysers, reclaimed wood,

110 x 110 x 210cm.

Letting go I, 2022
Letting go II, 2022
Letting go III, 2022
Letting go IV, 2022
Letting go V, 2022
Letting go VI, 2022
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