Future Fossils

A collection of works from RE-TURN exhibition.


This series of sculptures is a reflection on the transience of different forms of life and their metamorphic nature. The sculptures, half objects - half living beings are unclassifiable. They are almost amorphic yet aimed at inhabiting a certain shape. The artist does not provide us with a definitive answer as to what they are. They seem to encapsulate some prehistoric moments, those that predate our known life forms, and at the same time they point towards forms that have gone extinct before being born. Caught between the past and the future, they are frozen in the process of transition that has not been completed. They intrigue us with their potential while warning us about the dangers of escalating extinction. They can be viewed as a disconcerting, troubling look into possible outcome of the ecological self-destruction from the point of view of the future, that we may or may not inhabit as human beings. 

Future Fossils I, 2022
Cretestone, hessian and wire mesh,
35 x 35 x 162cm

Future Fossils II, 2022
Cretestone, hessian and wire mesh,
45 x 45 x 19cm

Future Fossils III, 2022
Cretestone, hessian and wire mesh,
100 x 60 x 160cm