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Open from

20 April 2023

BRUTAL. Curation


A Collaborative Exhibition

Sculptures by Kathy Robins

Environments by Ben Levinas

Soundscape by Gus Robins

Curated by Olga Speakes

The explorative exhibition MASS is driven by a collaboration between artists Kathy Robins, Ben Levinas and Gus Robins. Bringing together sculpture, digital projections and soundscapes in one immersive environment, the artists draw on the mythology of Golem, a creature made of clay, which, according to the sixteenth century legend, is brought to life by a Rabbi and becomes a protective talisman for a community in peril.

Driven by a shared sense of societal and environmental precariousness, the project is an ongoing reflection of the contemporary moment where we become witnesses to the collapse of history, disintegration of human connection and threatening environmental disaster. The tension between the comforting but no longer assured solidity of matter and the daunting ephemerality of the digital world, which we are being absorbed into, provides the framework for the experience that this exhibition hopes to create.

Sculptural bodies emerge from the upcycled materials and the earthly textures of crete stone; they weather and transform as they decay while hinting at the possibility of a new life. Projected digital landscapes represent the fluid and ephemeral nature of contemporary truth and knowledge, and yet, bear witness to our ability to imagine and to will new forms of living into existence. The sound that envelops the space becomes the binding matter that brings all the elements together in a way that is as material and embodied as it is transient and ethereal.

Download the exhibition brochure here.


Read Curator Olga Speakes and artists' statements on MASS here.


Read Alexandra Dodd's reflections on MASS here.

MASS was a pop-up exhibition that is in development for future showcasing on a larger scale.

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