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1 May - 1 Jun 2021

Kalk Bay Modern

Kalk Bay

Group show featuring 32 South African artists. 


Through Snapshot and Homing Series, my work in the group show Art on Paper, I continue to engage with issues of displacement and home in the context of entangled contemporary ecological and socio-political issues. Using natural materials and forms, I consider processes of human connection and interaction with the natural world. In the context of the current international, physical displacement and social disconnection of people from the land and also from each other, I engage with materials and processes that echo issues of displacement and longing for a lost connection. More recently, I have been challenging myself to use primarily non-toxic and renewable materials while highlighting their intrinsic beauty and at the same time speaking to larger environmental concerns that threaten the survival of our planet. In my artworks, the fragility of the natural world leads the audience to reflect on the fragility of human life and the struggles of individuals and communities caught on the margins of social existence. In my practice, I aim to create a space for re-connection with nature thus mapping out paths to coexistence and mutual respect.

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