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13 May 2022 - Present

Temple Israel, Greenpoint


22 Oct 2020 -

31 Oct 2021

Zeitz MOCAA,

Cape Town


14 Feb - 10 Jun 2020

Temple Israel, Wynberg


Rabbi Greg Alexander

Carol Hofmeyer

Cathy Stanley

Keiskamma Art Project

Gus Aaron Robins

Exhibited for the first time at Temple Israel, Wynberg, 7 Days (creation) is a collaboration by artist Kathy Robins, Rabbi Greg Alexander, Carol Hoffmeyer (Founder of the Keiskamma Art Project), Cathy Stanley (coordinator between Keiskamma and Robins) and the Keiskamma Art Project embroiderers.


The seven-day Judaic Creation myth constitutes a historical and theological jumping-off point for 7 days (creation), a collaborative project that considers pressing contemporary crises, most notably the social and environmental impact of climate change and the universal urgency this crisis requires. In its materiality and form, 7 days (creation) is intended to prompt a reflection on human questions of home, transience, creation and connectedness, that transcend social, religious, economic and other divisions. The seventh fabric, namely the day of rest, is the visual manifestation of sound waves of the core prayers of three major religions: Judaism (The Shema), Islam (Adhan - The Call to Prayer) and Christianity (The Lord’s Prayer). As the final work on show, this interfaith piece whispers of the unifying, healing potential of tolerance and compassion across boundaries.

Download the catalogue for this work here

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Installed images below by Mia Thom Photography. 

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